Friday, December 5, 2014

You call this bread!?!?!

The first time Mr. Fiancé made me a sandwich, I ate a lot of potato chips. Why, you ask? Well, the bread was so dry that no amount of mustard seemed to solve the problem. Let me tell you, Mr. Fiancé had not noticed. Ten years into a life with celiac, he had grown accustomed to extremely mediocre bread. And so, we slowly started trying every form of gluten free bread we could find (well, except Rudi's- Mr. Fiancé had already declared their bread inedible). And so....the overall winner(s) is/are.....

For sandwich bread and toast:
Three Bakers

These folks make bread that (though small) is indistinguishable from glutened bread, especially when toasted. The whole grain white is my favorite.

And, in the baguette department:
Against the Grain

Airier and with a slightly different texture than the gluten version of baguette, these still make a great match-up for soup or cheese or a tasty sub sandwich!

And the runner up is...


I kind of feel like Udi's is my perpetual runner up when it comes to gluten free baked goods. They're always good, but rarely my favorite. Except for their chocolate-chip cookies which are AMAZING when heated in the microwave. The udi's bread is dry, so get your butter or mayo ready!

What do you like for gluten free bread? Are Three Bakers and Against the Grain available where you are?


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